Dhai Aama, was founded in 2020 on the understanding that quality family care is both a fundamental human need and a key driver of economic growth and empowerment. When children receive quality care in their critical formative years, they are on a path to achievement and success. Women disproportionately shoulder caregiving responsibilities, but when they have supports in place that enable them to work, our economy grows. When seniors receive quality care in their homes, healthcare costs decline with fewer hospital stays. When we have a strong caregiving workforce, all these things are possible.

Our Mission

To provide reasonable and quality family child care needs in an adorable, stimulating, and safe home environment.

Our spotlight is in inspiring a life-long love of learning new things, implant social independence and respect for others, benefiting parent wellbeing child growth supporting the family and empowering the Provider.

Our Mandate

Our aim is to stimulate a positive inclination towards child care, and the professional reflection of care providers.

As partners ,Dhaiaama, the care Providers and the Parents, simultaneously works together for a common goal – to provide the best care possible for children.

Our Philosophy

Our system is designed to respond to the needs of parents. It’s based on the simple premise that a Private Home setting is the most suitable form of child care for infants and family